Etoile at the Observeur du Design , publication in “L’Usine Nouvelle”

11 11 2011


I’ve been working within Innosens Design Lab for almost 2 years, and our studio, based in Grenoble, just received a french design award – L’observeur Du Design. The project awarded is a motion detector tablet for ISORG, a start up from Grenoble. “L’Usine Nouvelle” published our project. Good news.

Best wishes for 2011

29 01 2011


Well, Underwork wishes you a nice happy new year 2011.

In french, “prendre le train 11” (to take the train 11) means… walking.

I am sure you guess why.

What design?

4 03 2009

After a few months as a freelance product designer in Tokyo, I am launching my studio : “Underwork”.

Considering today’s economic context, Underwork develops product design’s projects resulting from an original philosophy. A critical approach towards modern production/consumption system, that explores new ways in the use of technology. Too often, innovation is just an “automatic combination of previous elements” (Jacques Ellul, in Le Bluff Technologique, 1988). Underwork proposes strong concepts that open new social perspectives and new markets. From complex global design to more limited projects, centered on a single product, every creation should be reductible to a simple sentence. The idea.

A good idea is a basis for every ambitious design project. Thanks to technological foresight, thanks to social, political and econonomic background, thanks to cultural and societal researches, Underwork proposes visionary ideas, adapted to the client’s wishes.

But a good idea is just a starting point. That’s why Underwork can rely on technical assesment with knowledge about materials and processes, and on original artistic approach.
Underwork manages projects in various fields : technological products, transportation, furniture/houseware.
The studio designs mainly products, services, interfaces and visual identities. It also provides 3D models and computer graphics.

Underworks is looking for any kind of projects of different organizations, from multinational companies (experience within Kenwood corporation…) to small businesses, artcraft, non governmental organizations and design/architecture/urban planning studios.

I would be very pleased to put at your disposal the technical and creative skills of Underwork. Please inform me on any possibility to work together on new projects.

I hope that you will enjoy the Underwork website, and that we will have the opportunity to work together.