Groupe GP

In may 2009, Frédéric Dumabin, young entrepreneur in Tokyo, asked me to design the visual identity of the compagny he was building, Groupe GP. The business field is project development, funds management and other financial services.

I must confess it took me a while to understand about the main activity of my client. Several meetings, long talks, explanations. I found the main idea quite fast. Connecting the letters in a 3 dimensional space,  around a central structure.

GGP 01

Then I decided to work on 3D, in order to have a faster idea about the perspective that offered the best lisibility.

GGP 04

Then came the researches towards textures and global feeling.

GGP 03

Frédéric has been really involved in the project, it was a pleasure to work in these conditions.

Final design, business cards, and the project is still underwork. Brochures, website and different documents are scheduled.

GGP 06



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