I wrote “Le Bogue de l’An 2000  et autres Recits du Nouveau Monde” in 2007, during my last year as student. The title can be translated by “The Year 2000 Bug and other stories from the New World”.


Editorial graphic and cover designed by David Hanriot Colin.

This book deals with technology. I wrote ten short stories that explain how deeply dependant we are, how technological systems combine to create a productive, comfortable and sprawl environment. It explain how some people try to escape this digital spider web. How technology is building its own culture, its own logic, its own esthetics, its own design.

I based my reflexion on the opposition between two french philosophers that developped different thinkings about technology, Jacques Ellul and Gilbert Simondon.

This book criticize technological thinking, and the way technology is designed, oriented, plannified by economy leaders. It finishes with some ideas : how could a designer use technology without beeing used by technology?

Clik on the file to download it.


I might translate some parts, but not now. If you want to learn french in order to read it, please send me mail. I can advise you nice teachers here in Tokyo 😉


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