It is a fact.

We produce too much. Burn too much oil. Waste metal, water and wood.

And what for? To change his mobile phone every 6 months? To organize new services that have no interest but to make customers pay?

“These stuffs allow investment on research and technological progress!”. We can often hear that.

Personnally, I don’t believe it. I think most of things that are designed are just useless, and feed a crazy system which drives citizens crazy.

Now is an economical crisis. Great. Maybe it’s time to think about what we produce, and what we buy / sell. Time to focuse on what we really need. Time to focuse on how to share the latest progress all other the world. Time to understand why it has been so important to connect the world these last years.

I am sorry, I don’t have answer.  I have been searching about these questions since 8 years, so I just discovered few things. Small connexions. How to use technology in a public way. How to advoid the fake “so-called green solutions”. How to produce on a local scale, for local market. How to anticipate the technological evolution, and to propose products and service that will not turn “obsolete” next year. What to propose which could emancipate the users.

I don’t have answers, but I learnt lot of things through these past years. About industrial processes, branding strategies, product markets, technological evolutions, 3D modeling…

My graduation was on December 2007, more than a year ago, and I live in Japan since that time. I have worked in an architecture office as product designer, and I am now working as a freelancer. Project after project, step by step, I enjoy to propose deeper design solutions. To meet different people, and philosophies. There is not only one answer to the environmental / economical /social crisis that human kind is facing nowadays. Through every project, let’s just try to make things change. More freedom. More equity. More responsability. This is Underwork.


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