11 Karasus

“A national mannshaft for Japan.”

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Japan has a nice football team, that qualified all recent world cups and won 3 asian cups since 1992.

Japan is not a “football” country. One of the main evidence is that here, this sport is called SAKKA (from “soccer”). The identity of Japanese mannshaft does not reflect its level.

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This group includes Indonesia, Guam, Philippines, Slovaquia, Uzbekistan, Kuwait…. and some more. Japan is at extrem right. Nothing japanese. Neither the color nor the design makes it unic.

The team has a nickname : the Samurai Blue.

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karasu 0002

How to integrate football deeper in japanese culture?

To lie could be an answer.

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Then, declinating the approach towards products and uniforms.

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Here the researches.

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A project designed with Raphael Daufresne, in Tokyo and Nagoya.

It has been shown at 65th Pecha Kucha Night in Tokyo.


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