An asymetrical jet aircraft.”

In april 2004, I joined Ameur Aviation, in Clermont-Ferrand, for an internship. This small company produces a light propeller sport aircraft, called “Altania”.


The company asked me to develop the style and design study of a twinjet 4 seats version of this aircraft. Jetplanes are flying at a high altitude, and need to be pressurized. Working with engineers, we imagined different kind of door systems to access on board. These are sample of researches.


We defined the target with marketting department. At first, companies could use this product as a fast and cheap business jet. Secondly, passionate private pilots could enjoy this high performance sport plane. I proposed a style that could reflect these different expectations, with an asymetrical design.  The left part is dedicated to business, with a door and underlined window. The right part is dedicated to entertainment, and evokes glider planes design.


“Altajet” is empowered with new generation Williams FJX2 jet engines, that should allow a cruise speed of 400 miles per hour.



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