A video game that makes people rap / A website for amateur rappers.”

“Eloquence” is my graduation project from the ENSCI-Les Ateliers, the french national product design school. It was passed in December 2007.


“Eloquence” is a project about rap music and technology.

I had written my thesis about technology and how the technological thinking is making designers dependant even if we never really realize it. I underlined that technology had to be used in a different thinking, with different values, if we really wanted to create original products.


“Rap” music is based on a free oral and musical expression. You can make rap everywhere, in the street, in the studio, at a concert. All the content of a rap comes from what you think, and what you want to say to other people.

The project is based on connexion between rap and technology. How can technology help people to practise rap? How does rap allow a new use of technology? These two questions brought me to two different projects.

2 projects


It is a video game for Nintendo Wii.

visuel 1



This game is based on vocal recognition technology. So, the challenge was to propose an inteface which makes the player become familar with talking as an interface. The following scenario has been developped to show how we can propose a new relation between the game and the player.

The game offers battle mode, and different levels. Here are some screenshots of the interface.

Levels map

Levels map

Loading time

Loading time

Level 2 gameplay

Level 2 gameplay

Level 2 / end

Level 2 / end

level 3 gameplay

level 3 gameplay

Level 3 / end

Level 3 / end


It is a Youtube like website, dedicated to the practise of rap. On this website, you can listen to the songs made by other users. You can also record online your own song.

The interface is focused on words.

Within the “Listen Mode”, every song recorded offers the possibility to paste your text, and transform it into a flash animation (like karaoke). Thus, the listeners will be immerged into your sentences, into your words, into your world. Different buttons allow you to go forward or back, or to skip the song. This way, it is possible to make “scratch” on a song you like. Pressing the “space” key, you will applause a song. The ranking system is based on number of “claps” made for your songs. It is possible to save several playlists.


In the “Record Mode” you record your own song. First step, you copy and paste your text, then you choose the music you want (the beat). You press “rec”. Finally, you set the animation of your text, so that it fits with the song. You save. Every new song appears on top of the website, so that every song has a chance to be listened by visitors.


Last but not least, slam and rap events are broadcasted, and you can register these event to perform your song “in real”.


These are images of the graduation oral, on December 12th 2007.


diplome 2

© Véronique Huyghes

For this project, I received the help from many ENSCI students : Milamem Abderamane Dillah, Elise Auffray, Tom Rethaller, David Proton, Damien Roffat, Maya Campesato, Raphael Dufrêne, and many others.  Thanks to everyone, this project has got “congratulation mention” from the jury.


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