A portable navi with entertaining functions.”

Kenwood proposed an internship after the partnership project with my school, and I got selected.  So, destination : Tokyo!


Kenwood asked me to work on the project of a Portable Navigation Device for european market.

I worked on different researches of services that could be associated with the product, and found some application and scenarios.


In these kind of products, interface is the most important. That’s why this GPS is designed on an innovative interaction. In the car, the product rotates around a central axis to access main modes.

interface "mode"


A “localization” switch has been designed, in order to enter and edit a location point.


An important aspect of the design was to make the product as thin as possible, by selecting good electronic components.



This internship has been an intense and interesting working experience.

It is also the moment I started sketching the street of Tokyo.


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