Jukebox Concept

A Jukebox for 21st century bars.”


I designed this project as I was in 4th year study at the ENSCI.

This is a partnership with Kenwood corporation. The original subject was to propose new scenarios about digital music for the close future.

My proposal is to rethink an old product : the original bar’s jukeboxes. I chose this approach, because I had the feeling that Jukeboxes hadn’t been really substituted. It just disapeared, when everyone got home audio systems. But today, there is still music playing in the bars. Radio, or music selection of the owner. Why customer couldn’t listen to the music he wants in his favorite bar? Jukebox were creating kind of a “musical public space”. My goal was to reinterprate and to update the original philosophy of jukeboxes.

So, at first, I tried to find what was the identity of a vintage jukebox. I discovered it was kind of a “mechanical civilization” totem. You can see all the mechanical movements, and specially the disc turning… The overall aspect refers to cars. Windscreen, wheels, chromed bumpers.


So, what would be a “digital civilization” totem? Well, the main points I underlined was the “list”. Command-list, play-list, download-list. Digital terminals are mostly based on vertical words lists interfaces. I decided to emphasize it and transform these interfaces into a real product.


The jukebox is connected with web musiacal database (like Itunes store), so that it is possible to listen to countless different songs. 9 LCD screens shows the songs stocked in the bar’s playlist.


© Véronique Huyghes

It is possible to fill up the playlist with your favorite song. Every drink that you order in the bar is served with a special KENWOOD coaster (a coaster is a small cardboard put under the glass in order to protect the table). Placed on top of the furniture in front of the screen, this coaster allows you to surf on the interface.


© Véronique Huyghes

Here is a video scenario of the use of the product.

The coasters are stocked in the foot of the vertical furniture, so that they can be re-used.


© Véronique Huyghes

This jukebox offers new feelings with songs, and focuses on musical conviviality and sharing.


© Véronique Huyghes


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