A light that switch off after 99 minutes.

In japanese, “KyuJuKyu” means “Ninety Nine” (99).

This light has been design within AAA, Tokyo, for JIA (Japanese Institute of Architects) light design competition.

The concept is based on these ceilar light pull switches, really popular in Japan. How could the introduction of LED technology modify the scenario of these ceilar lights? Time of lighting is linked with use of pull switch. If you pull 50 centimenters, the light will shine for 50 minutes. LED are used to display the time, so that you can set precisely the light time you want. As there is only 26 LED, it is only posssible to display 2 numbers. So, maximum time the light is on is 99 minutes.






technical view



Ecology is not a question of technology. Ecology must be integrated deep inside the project, and propose new use of a product. As we will have to live with less energy, less product, less comfort, design must be the way to make this forced degrowth fun and exciting.

This project has been selected among finalists, promoted and shown in Sendai mediatheque.


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