Light with Kogin

A light that displays Kogin pattern.

I started this project in october 2008, and it is still underwork today.

Working with Tanaka Design Office and Hirosaki Chamber of Commerce, the goal of the project was to create a lightware which was using Kogin, a traditional Aomori pattern and fabric, for exportation into european market.

I proposed to make Kogin the center of the product. The structure is just like a doll that you can dress up with different Kogin parts. This light would be sold with 4 different Kogin set. In order to emphasize the traditional use of Kogin, which was used to reinforce Kimonos during cold winter season, we decided to add this “Obi” (Kimono belt).

This project is the opportunity to discover traditional japanese artcraft and culture, and try to explain it to European users.




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