A laptop computer without screen.”

OS[é] means “Ordinateur Sans Ecran” (Screenless Computer), it is a project designed during my 4th year at ENSCI. The topic was to design products for blind people, in partnership with AVH, an organization for blind people. I decided to focuse on the use of a computer. Most of time, blind people use sound interfaces to work on a computer.

I imagined a device designed for that particularity, and developped the concept of a screenless notebook.


© Véronique Huyghes

The computer is built with aluminium body, covered by neoprene skin. The remote control, on the right side, pilots the computer, thanks to a vertical tactile surface.


When you spread out the neoprene skin, you access different connectors : USB, ethernet, electricity, audio port, and screen receptacle. As highspeakers are just under the keyboard, you can feel sound vibrations under your fingers while tapping.


© Véronique Huyghes

At the back side, a built-in scanner allows blind people to scan A4 paper. This function is essential for blind people. This way, they can access printed document through Optical Caracter Recognizition and vocal sythesis. You just need to pull the aluminium body, and place your sheet between polycarbonate part and neoprene skin.


© Véronique Huyghes

Put it directly in your bag without any additional protective skin. With headphones plugged into the Bluetooth remote, it’s now possible to access and navigate through all your data, listening to music or an audio book without even taking your computer out of the bag.


© Véronique Huyghes

Original concept : Pierre Alex

Product design : Pierre Alex + David Gauquelin

exhibited in “Objectif Croire” at the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud (fr).
exhibited in “European way(s) of life” 2006, at the Lieu Unique (fr).
exhibited at Handitec 2006 in Paris Porte de Versailles.
selected by Microsoft for the NextGen PC 2006 design competition.
see here on Business Week


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