A 3D web search engine that is made by a bad company.”

As I entered the ENSCI, I joined Jean Louis Fréchin’s digital design lab. The topics was to create a virtual product and research the brand identity it can have. I worked with Marco Guimaraes, a portugese student.

First of all, we created our brand, the PIcorporation.


What kind of brand is it? Imagine the worst brand you can. Imperialist, agressive and oppressive. A combination of the worst sides of google, apple, microsoft and ibm. Then, we tried to make it live, through the school, network, space.



Then, we created “EFICAZ” a web search engine, in 3D, which would be the main product of PIcorporation.


At first, when you connect on eficaz website, you just see a sphere that revolves, and a text field, on top. You can type something. “Portugal”, for example.

revolving sphere

When you launch the searching, colored cubes gradually appear on the sphere. Each cube is a different result.

loading results

The bigger the cube is, the more pertinent the result is. The color shows the extension name of the website (orange = “.com”, blue = “.fr”) Place the mouse cursor on a cube to have an overview of the contents. Scroll, and you will manipulate the sphere in 3D to access the results on the other side of the sphere.

Finally, everyone in the school hated our brand, and we decided to change the PIcorporation’s identity, by introducing a new logo, which looks more friendly.


But, be sure that the PIcorporation is still, deep inside, a very dirty company ^^


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