wood tape

“A scotch tape made of wood.”

After the kogin light project, Tanaka Design Office and Hirosaki Chamber of Commerce launched several projects. The aim was to use wood artcraft. Several projects have been developped, and the wood tape was one of them, and I have been asked to design the proposal.

Validation of the basic design scheme with a “dirty draft” moke-up. This scotch tape is more easy-to-use than plastic tape boxes.

I decided to use traditional “Tsugaru Urushi”, which is a traditional lacquer from Aomori prefecture. The design concept deals with the contrast inside/outside. The shell is lacqued with traditional black pattern, and the inside shows natural wood. The tore is cut and the slices are not lacqued.

My main goal was to create an “easy-to-build” product. It needs 7 or 8  pieces depending on the version, and 5 machining operations to build it.

Another version fits with 80 mm diameter tapes.

Here are the design researches.


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